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We’re Back!


seda-pudding: You have so anazing pics *♥* I have a question I wanted to know if you could do what you've done with the other pics with Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece ? ♥ I would be happy and thank you for reading this (-^-^-)

Hi sweetie ♥ 
Thank you so much!! I’m so happy you like it *-*
I posted the icons, if I’m wrong or you do not like, please tell me, ok?


karasunoslittlegiant: The sounds I made when I saw those icons!! Arigatogozaimasu!! ^____^ they're absolutely perfect!! C-Can I just use them all?! >///<

OMG sweetie, thank youfor using my icons! I’m so absolutely happy that you like it! Sure you can use all of, use them as you wish *-* Let me know if you need more, yeah?



daiki-aho: can you make a knb icon?? mainly on these characters?? "kuroko, kise, kagami, aomine, midorima, takao, murasakibara, akashi" ?? pretty please???

Posted. Hope you enjoyed <3

If I’m wrong or you do not like, please tell me.